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Picture Time!
Clicky to get bigger ones. But not that much bigger. Because many are from my cellphone.

My dear baby cat.. shaved. She's loving it, but she didn't pose for benny. [big picture]

Me all Dressed Up for some event thing earlier this year.

My friends Mary (mother of Addison) and Kelli (who'se moving to Sioux City :[) balancing spoons at Village Inn

My friend Donna with her stuffed animal.

My friend Steve (the artist) with his very cute, very nice, very funny, and very happily married younger sister.

Only one of the cutest families I've had the pleasure to hang out with. You know who you are.

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Awww, good pic. I'm so glad you told me about the concert!

btw, i must say, you were looking absolutely smashing in those wedding pictures, Lady N.

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