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I am so pooped. Its saturday.. little bit in the afternoon.
What shall I do today?
I don't often have empty time. I'm totally perplexed.
I hung out with people and got hugs this morning. I got to hold somebody as she cried. 'tis an honor.

I have a corn and baloney feed to go to this evening at 5:30. I'm supposed to bring friends. Anybody?

I'm a little nappy. I might nap.
I could also read a book. Harry Potter 5+6 and Howl's are on my list.
I could digitize some pictures. Feh. No.
I could go on a quest for choclate shake. MMm... maybe later.
I could post on LJ. (already doing)
I could play more GW. Nah, tomorrow night will be here soon enough. I got through Iron Mines, ready to go on Thunderhead Keep.
I have two beautiful cats who would like me to play with them. I could do that. Little furballs o' love.

I guess i'll read up on LJ, and then nap, and then feed. Then I will revisit the question.



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