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So.. i was needing some music tonight.

I pulled the Yamaha Y200 keyboard that somebody gave me for moving their couch.. its a pro keyboard from the early 80's -- no built in speakers, 100 preset sounds, non-sampled, touch-sensitive, MIDI but before General MIDI (so 00 is NOT a piano. 01 is Soft Brass)...

And I jammed out to PF:Wish you were here for a while.

Then I hooked up the Yamaha DS55 digital sample drum set that I had.. and I was short one drumstick.. and.. it was the BEST thing ever. Just sitting back, tapping out the bass and hihat thingy.. to Shuffle Play on the Pod... my body started to tune in to it... and the next thing I know, i was drumming away! This is fricking awesome!

(I got a clue as to what it was. If i use my left hand, it throws everything off. Its like, my left leg and left hand are "wired together". So, for a while, I just focused on pairs of limbs.. two feet, right and right, left and left, etc..)

it was beautiful. When I was in the "zone", i couldn't tell if the drumming was me or the song. It was great. I started doing complicated stuff where, i wasn't sure what I was doing, i couldn't tell you what I hit, but it sounded great. :]

oky. Time to go to sleep. If I can. I'm so exited! *bounces*

PS: Da Girl Wrote Back. Its my turn to write her now. She sounds nice. *eeep!*

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I have that same trouble drumming--my arms and legs seem to be hard wired into pairs. It's about impossible to do a counter rhythm with my right arm and right leg which is unfortunate. I suppose that's why you see drummers crossing their arms over to do the cymbals. I think it's a matter of practice. Lots and lots of practice.

Good luck with da gril!

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<<PS: Da Girl Wrote Back. Its my turn to write her now. She sounds nice. *eeep!*

That is a good thing!

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