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This simply HAD to be shared...
So, as y'all know, i've been doing this work-out thing, which seemed like it might be helping me loose weight..
.. and then the weight stabilized at about 182. *sigh*

I got that pair of size 36 jeans.. and man, it was still so tight. *sigh*.. only when I was doing really well, did it seem to fit...

I just had a lightbulb moment.
I was going from size 38 relaxed fit jeans to a size 36 regular fit jeans.
My GOD, those are frickin TORTURE DEVICES. And me, i've got these HUGE blobs of mass called thighs and gloots... alot of them are muscle, mind... Oh, its just not right.

Today, I just picked up a pair of size 36 relaxed fit jeans.. and, un-boy-like of me, I tried them on in the dressing room...


I even tried a size 34. I can wear it okay standing up, sitting down is a bit, constricting... but.. Like.. WOOT.

So, i've gone from: 193 lbs, size 38 looking at 40
down to: 182 lbs, size 36 looking at 34.

Life is good.


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