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Whee! Its Late!
.. and I'm SUCH A BAD BOY. I am. Spank me! More! Harder!

*leans back and sighs*

So, my adrenalids got taxed last sunday at the match... and I came down with a cold. I needed the rest. Coming back to work today, i was almost *too* happy, got on people's nerves. Hey, did you know that Category and Rank could both translate to the italian "Categoria"? That's bad, if they're supposed to be two different fields. But anyway.

We ate at Aunte Maude's today for lunch.. will be a while before I go back, too much $ for too little burp.

And then! My Sponzie is back! I hung out with him, and man it was good. Its like, maybe I *do* get it. Doing what I should be doing, and that's a good thing. I need that reassurance/reset every now and then.

Worked on the Radio show.. and !#$!#$ ... the recording was blank. I think they forgot to plug the microphone in last Sunday. So I made shit up. (hey! look! no dashes!) ... its cute. Listen to it here:, its the sillyness#1 post. Good band,

And Joy! I got to play GW! .. made it to the desert where the ascension stuff happens. It took 2 tries to get past Sanctum Cay, but hey, it was fun...

and tomorrow I go see lucincia and his bootiful wifling Keely and their urchins for some geeky fun. *bounce*

okay. Love y'all lots! Sunshine


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