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I might be nervous; i'm posting a lot.
RE: Title of this post --

Well, what's a boy to do without access to his Guildwars, huh?

6:17am. Day of the Tournament.
Got a good night's sleep.

Still going over in my mind various attack patterns that I could use. Rather silly...
... its like PvP in GW. I think to myself: eh, crippling shot, then hunter's shot, then poison arrows, etc..
... but when the shift hits the fan, its pretty much: YIKERS 1 1 1 5! (and hope I got the keys right).

Was practising forms too. Against ze punching bag. I have 2 weak spots on Tgk2: the first middle block and the first rising block.

Ah well. Okay, Spirit.. I surrender. Please help me do the best that I can do, with no regrets.

I am fricking NOT doing another tournament till AT LEAST next year, and then, it will only be to support my classmates. Grr. Waaay too much stress for the bunny.



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