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Iowa Games Parade
I got to participate in a mini parade of athletes today.
It was really warm.
Best things were, probably ...
  • The girls in front of us got TOTALLY interested in our little bluebelt Sarah.. and it was so much fun to watch then talk a million miles an hour about EVERYTHING. Sarah, btw, is the one who taught me how to do cartwheels. She totally rocks. at 9, she's already volunteering to lead classes.
  • The Skydivers gave a good performance
  • Ruan Garnder was the Keynote. An Olympic Wrestler. You could tell he's a cool guy.
  • Fireworks, To Music, which I could hear! (never heard music before with fireworks).
  • Chatting animatedly with 2-3 other folks about the merits and demerits of Star Wars and LOTR.
  • Being there to be someone that the kids could look around for. I don't know about "look up to", but probably that too.
  • J, one of the younger fellows in the club, does not give his friendship easily to people. He seems to have picked me as somebody he likes. I don't feel a sense of "competition" with him anymore, I think he understands now that I want to see him do awesomely well and I'll be there for him if he needs me.
  • I took the bus out there, and walked most of the way home, and it was good both ways.
  • I met and hung out with somebody from my division.. and I had a big sense of compassion for the guy, as opposed to the dread of competition that I was feeling earlier in the week. We're still going to do our best, but y'know what, if he wins over me.. i am going to celebrate him, 'cause he deserves it.

now time for a banana, milk, mashed potatoes, mac 'n' cheese, and sweet hawaiian role. Or some subset thereof. :]

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Wow, that sounds really cool.

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