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Weird day. Very withdrawn, philosophical.

Alice put her arm around me and told me she's happy that I'm in the same reality as her. :} That was nice. Anna was not scared to sit next to me. That was good for her.

Hey, so, i've made the decision.. i'm pruning my friends list. My friend ckwhitehorse put it nicely when he did it -- its just, well, not much interaction going on between us right now. It doesn't mean I don't care for you, or I hate your guts or whatever. Actually, i think of wonderful things about pretty much everybody i've ever friended.. and I'm glad for the experiences. *sends happy blessings your way*

Guildwars vs Life Philosophy Stuff

I had this huuuuge story all built up in my head.. a comparision between life in a certain game, and my experience of life in RL. Something about always going out with the henchies and not real people, and getting really tired of it, and envious of the people who party up with other real people to live life, and wanting to stop playing the game... yet scared to interact with real people. I find that my game experience probably maps to RL as well -- i "party up" with people easily, have some good and some bad experiences, and a _few_ people end up joining guilds with me, and I play with them more regularly.


Except in RL, there's many many guilds which I'm a member of. Many of them specialize.
And in RL: everybody is more on the same level.. not too much difference between a L10 and a L20. Many more skills, yet only a few very basic attributes, when it boils down.
Childhood was like pre-sear; then there was the searing, and it sucked, and now i've gotten past to kryta, experienced some disillusionment, did a bunch of hard missions, stored up a lot of platinum, and now I'm pretty much close to ascension. I have my forge armor already, no further major crafting left. And the quests are really boring by myself. I want a good friend whom I like/enjoy to do questsoflife with.

TKD Stuff.
T-2 days left of training. Tomorrow i have a commitment with some folks to do sprints and situps and stuff.
I'm very sore. Not training that hard, but hard enough that it hurts.
I'm not really excited? yet I am? wierd. Detached. Just get this fucking thing over with. Its like fricking finals. And damnit i'm not going in without studying.

Actually, i'm very very scared. I'm scared of hurting, i'm scared of loosing, i'm scared of winning, i'm scared of what others might think, and I'm going to fucking do it anyway.

So.. yeah. in a funk, still, but doin' okay. *waves*

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Good luck with the TKD stuff. A friend of mine was (Well, likely still is, we just don't talk much anymore..) and he was very into his TKD meets/tourneys. He got great enjoyment from showing his skills, and competing with his team. But at the same time, worrying about injury, and performance would nearly make him pass out. Eventually he just pushed past the fear, by focusing more... Sounds cheesy, but he always maintained that once he tightened his focus, he was then able to relax so much more.

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