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Bleh. I'm tired of being serious. Its been Frickin 2 weeks? 3 weeks? ... *pthooey*. I give myself FULL PERMISSION to play hookey from my brain.

I had a neat experience. Well... crap, i've had TONS of neat experiences... just today.. me and two ladies
Heh. Thought that might get your attention. Really.. we were dropping me off at my car, and we had a really good conversation the whole hour down from the meeting-that-shall-not-be-named at which I'm a secretary for the rest of this year... and we stopped the car, and continued talking for like several hours, about all kinds of stuff. One of which was "falling out of touch" with people who are important to us.

And then there was . This last wednesday, at Sacred Spaces .. how can I describe sacred spaces? Its like.. a place that we set aside to be spiritual. This lady guided us through Native American style drumming. It was really neat.. the structure is:
(drumming = (beating on drums)+(eat food))
(beating on drums = (four rounds)+(prayer/contemplation between rounds))
(round = (round-start)+(round-middle)+(round-end))
(round-start = somebody starts with a simple pattern)
(round-middle = we all come up with our own patterns in sync with that pattern)
(round-end = we all just naturally feel "the time is right" and stop)
(four rounds) = (south, west, east, north)
(south = contemplation of healing within ourselves)
(east = contemplation of healing and prayer for our families)
(west = contemplation of healing of our communities)
(north = contemplation of healing of our world)
(eat food = cake .. somebody's birthday was celebrated. Choclate.. VERY good)

I really liked it, because the drumming part helped me turn my mind off and just be present in the experience.

And then there was
I was feeling out of touch with people.. i needed some one-on-one time.. Called up sis, she said come on over, so I hung out with her and my neice all saturday evening. Got to watch her fold laundry.. we had pizza.. me and 'besque played like we were cats.. and we made animal sounds.. and i (on request) played an elephant giving rides to barbie dolls.. and ... my little family-pouch that sometimes goes empty, got filled again.

Anyway. There's other stuff, but y'know what.. I'M NOT GOING TO TELL YOU! *grin* .. I'm not going to tell me either. Whatever the heck it is, it can go suck on some fart nuggets in the corner, because I'm DONE dealing with heavy shit for now. I set a date on the calendar -- March 27th. Whatever is DEEP and SERIOUS will have to take a vacation till then. After which, they must apply (in triplicate form) to the admissions office and will only be allowed in one at a time, and only with supervision, for a visit to Sunny Central. Yesssssss..... my precioussssssss.... we will tricks them ALL, nasty little thoughtsies. {oo i love being evil}

In other news: My DVD-making skills are still intact! I was able to get ... lessee... about 7 hours? 7.5 hrs? of Tivo shows on a single DVD.. making a DVD of some movies for a friend. I even printed out a CD label and made it all look professional, using screenshots from the DVD menu. 7.5 hrs.. if I cut out commercial breaks, that's probably like 17-18 episodes of 30-minute anime. I'm recording Inuyasha right now.. at least until the end of the 2nd? 3rd? season which is where Adult Swim (may they swim in the farts of their ancestors for denying me my full fix) leaves off.

Waaa.. i feel yuck coming up. Hang on just a second... *takes out 2 by 4* *beats yuck senseless and tosses its inert body out into the trash* "and DONT COME BACK for 3 weeks!... asshole."

I got introduced to Mochi Ice Cream BonBons this weekend. A layer of rice coating, covering delectable ice cream center.. an ice cream treat that melts in your mouth, not in your hand. Very good.

I better stop now before i dig myself another grave. L8r.


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