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Day 2 of Guildwars Withdrawal
I was seriously considering posting this in the Guildwars forum.. but, nah, its got more my life in it than it does GW, so.. heck.

The plan to kick the crap out of Benny fell through. Due to insurance reasons.. probably don't want to do it at work. And given the 92F temp outside.. eh. that won't work either. So, Benny and I went to the BIG CITY and I bought my first ever freestanding kicking bag.. a WaveMaster. And we ate at HuHat, a Mongolian BBQ place, and it was good. (My 2nd meal in the big city in the last two years).

Coming home, I got it all set up.. no major spills.. and I kicked the SHIT out of it. Short range, medium range, long range.. i got my power up in my foot that I was babying, and it held together okay. I was sweating like crazy by the time I was done. I think i should be able to prep for the tournament fairly well this way.

Stopping playing GW, another thing came up -- i hadn't been spending much time with real people.. and they started calling me in droves. So, i get to hang out with Sara R my adopted sis #2 tomorrow night.. she just finished working, is currently free, and just got a hole in her heart fixed.. so, looking forward to big hugs there. And hung out with some alcoholic recovering friends of mine as well..

.. while I love them, i just cant match them. My addictions and obsessions, while they follow similar patterns, are not the same. I felt.. very left out of their conversations.. and i missed being online, where i feel much more at home. I miss being with my clan. My clan is pretty much all married and has babies or kids now. *sad* OTOH, i get to hang with them on a weekend coming up soon! especially my bestest-buddy-friend's family! *BONUS*

The tournament.. is getting clearer for me. Here's the deal. I love sparring. But, I hate competition. And when you put competition "winning" as a goal for a sparrer, I start to question to what lengths they will go to to win, and what those consequences will be for me. I do not necessarily trust their motives. And personally, i do NOT like to beat anybody else down just to prove a point for myself. I'm more like, score a point.. here let me show you what I did, i'm so excited about it. And.. no, try it this way, you can counterattack me much better that way.. there you go! good job!.

But, i'm going to go. I have to do at least one tournament, and its better to get it out of the way sooner than later, so here goes. And I'm going to go the most prepared that I can be.. i may only be a 6.5 out of 10 in this deal, but damnit, I'm going to be a class A 6.5.

I have a wedding that I could go to on Saturday. I'm not going. Its too far away.

Hey, wow. I'm tired, and its 12:16 am. i could sleep a whole 8! :]

lots of love,


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