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My Gaming Schedule!
So, having spent a night..

and it was kind of neat. My internet conneciton went down at midnight exactly. I think the Universe was saying: YES, my little man, I SHALL ENFORCE THEE. Couldn't even sell my stuff.

I ended up keeping my priorities about the same :-
1. Time spent "farming" the real world for "income" so I can keep the house out of hock. About the same as killing grawls, although the drops are closer to Lornar's, so its all good.
2. Service/Recovery work -- keeping the same meetings, keeping service stuff to Tuesday early evening.
3. Self-care (cleanliness) -- keeping Monday early evening as chores day.
4. Self-care (working out) -- keeping Thursday and Sunday as TKD day.
5. current Commitment -- Radio show takes up Wednesday early evening.

Gar. So what's left? I figure I need an hour minimum; so, my windows of opportunity are:

Monday: if I get home by 10:30pm, can play for an 1h0m, till midnight. Mid-7 sleep.
Tuesday: usually get home by 10:00pm, can play for 1h30m till midnight. Mid-7 sleep.
Wednesday: I actually have this evening to myself mostly, but because I work on the radio show on this day, gametime is limited to {after finishing radio show} till {midnight}. Mid-7 sleep.
Thursday: TKD gets done about 8, so after eating and a shower, I can play 3h0m or so. Mid-6 sleep, early day next day.
Friday: for another week or two, its totally open -- i can play as long as I want. I think this will be my "do whatever" day, i don't need to wake up till like 9:30 the next day.
Saturday: If I don't do something else, once again, open. I don't have to be up till 8am the next day for music practise.
Sunday: TKD gets done about 8, so i can play from like 9-11. {2h} I have a 6am wakeup.

M,T,W: I can do short, small quests or help other folks out. Pretty much expect to see me on around 11pm.
Th,F: Longer stuff. Probably starting about 9pm. I'll do missions on these days, probably. Friday night i'm up for shuttling other folks through their missions if they need it.
Sa: probably not going to happen, i hope to be dancing or something.
Su: shorter timeperiod, but enough to do a mission in. Around 9pm.

This feels doable. And a "window of opportunity" doesn't mean I MUST play, its just a realistic look at when I have available to play without tromping all over the rest of my life. It also means that if I don't do a mission on Th and/or Fr, then that's my own fault -- cause to try to fit them in on other days, is not a good idea.


As far as what I want to do in the game goes, mostly it goes like this:
- continue my highest level character (R/Mo17) through the game story. Doing quests as I go.
- work with my teammates to get us into a Lornar-kick-butt-group of people (if they're still up for it).
- work on a healer character: Mo/Me. I've enjoyed being a healer here and there, so I want to try it as a primary. I hear its a thankless job. Luckily the guild already has one Mo20, but she doesn't play as much anymore.. and I believe Lady O has a Mo who went post-sear, that should be fun to play with her -- so the priority on bringing my monk up is definitely lessened.
- {way in the future} work on a frontline character, a W/x of some sort.
- {also way in the future} if my friends are up for it, try some GvG stuff out.

"The Guild", btw, is a bunch of my friends whom I used to play DND with, and Mud with, and party with.. many of whom I've known for 15+ years. Actually.. 10 of the people in my friends list here are related in some way to that group of people. Its *nice* to have a gaming home. :]


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I still play! I'll pick up my playing hours again, now that the crunch time at work is over, for now :)

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