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Weekend update...
Hey, yo, everybody..

Its really late.. yet, it felt like i hadn't done this in a while... so here goes:

- I went to my tournament. I got a gold medal in Forms! .. and my school, one 1st place overall. It totally rocked. I have a post in TKD forum with more details there.

- Guildwars rules. Lately, been doing a little stuff on my main ranger character, starting up a new monk, and helping guildmates with levelling. Ryan from Las Vegas and reaneau have been the folks i've been playing with the most. And they totally rock.

- I'm glad to say that as much as I like GW, i'm not playing it to run away from anything else. Today, i went in to work before going to class before playing guildwars. I'm very proud of this.

- I'm going to be in a parade. I'll be juggling crystal sticks with Unity's entry in the parade, and then i'll rush over change uniforms and be on the demo team for my TKD club. It should all be sweet.

- I recorded awesome music at Unity today; and then we went down to the Hindu temple in Madrid and got a tour there, which I also recorded -- and man, it was so cool. I learned more about Hinduism today than I knew most of my growing up life, and its so cool how its very compatible with Unity. I'll work on the "radio show" version on Wednesday (before GW. *heh*)... link will be at Note: There's a bit in there where I and one of the priests were communicating, me with my broken hindi.. its very cute. We really jived with each other

- Excited! I listened to GNOMEDEX stuff, and Curry gave a talk there, and woo! M$ is building RSS/enclosures into the OS, Apple is modding iTunes to do podcasts, and the whole world is going there. And looks like bittorrent is going to be the feed of choice. YEAH BABY. (excited because its a good direction for the world to go in.. brings power back to the individual creator rather than big media empires).

- 4 girl band: Lascivious Biddies, good stuff, have allowance to get their album now.

- should get housepainting quote any day now.

Yep, that's it for my current adventures. Life is great and awEsum. (yes, that's there specifically for you. I haven't had time to read your stuff in depth, but i do remember you. it was fun running into you at that place.)

did I mention that work exists in there somewhere, and that its crunchtime, and its going manageably well, and I have the bestest, most honestest, yet kick-ass, nicest boss-lady in the world? I love my boss. She ROCKS.



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