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Update.. in form of an email to a friend.
I'm lazy, so I'm dumping this email in here so that I don't have to type the info twice.. its cool though.

Hey there...

Yeah, been pretty busy. Busying playing Guildwars as well as working on the radio show.... my computer is crapping out on me a little bit in annoying ways, and grrrr its frustrating.

I had to pray about the whole GW thing. I like that game a little bit too much. I could philosophise about it for hours.

The girl situation -- [stuff edited out] I had a meltdown about the whole thing ... just about cried.. was hanging with one of my indian guy friends... and he's such a great friend (Siju) .. it was good to talk to him. He's had to go through a lot of the fears and misgivings that I'm going through right now.

My TOE IS FEELING BETTER! or at least, its not hurting as much. This is good. Its been frickin 3 weeks already.. only, what, 6-9 more to go.

I'm glad you get a chance to take things easy and find out who you are in relax mode... i try to do something like that in december, I take a bunch of time off and don't go anywhere. Although this year, i'm invited to... lets see.. Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California.

Hey, i'm trying something new out ... -- if you get it, you have a high speed internet connection, right? Then you can call me (or anybody else on skype) for free. AND, they have really cheap long distance -- like $0.02/minute. I'm actually testing out all their stuff.. just to see what I can do with it. Here's my current billz:
$65/mo Cable + Internet
$55/mo Cellphone (which I use for LD)

Here's where it could go:
$35/mo high speed internet (DSL) -- drop cable, haven't turned TV on in like 1 month now.
$25/mo really cheap ass plan for cellphone
$15/mo for Skype services (SkypeIn, SkypeOut, Voicemail)

Also, depending on how much it would be to drop my cellphone plan, i could even go to a pay-per-day cellphone like from VirginUSA -- and that would drop it even lower, I think.

The thing that I like about it is.. i'm starting to take out the inefficient middle-man. Well, okay, so Skype would be the new middle-person -- yet, they're like, cool? they're all about P2P, and only charge on the hookups to the POTS. Kinda fits my vision of where the world is going, a much more P2P place with less large monolithic corporations. In fact, get rid of corporations alltogether ... people take the consequences of their actions without hiding behind stuff. That'll take a while.

So.. yeah. Check skype out. Its cool.

Btw, i'm going to paste part of this email to my journal, 'cause its something i'd like to post there.

So there you have it. :] An update!


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