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*happy sigh*
Saw Billy Elliot tonight.

Last time I saw that movie, i had not made peace with my younger self. Now I have. And I cried a lot. A very well done movie. I identify with so much in that movie.

Got a few challenges coming up this week. Most of them need, for a prerequisite, sleep. Now, much as I want to play GW tonight.. i guess I ought to sleep instead. Tell me what, I'll sleep till 5 am, then play GW after that, IF I CHOOSE TO WAKE UP. Heh. Usually I don't.

My friend Chadd (Diddy-o-ramus for those who know him) came over and checked out Kareoke Live. Damn, he's a good singer. Not all lungs like me, much softer, much more controlled. I was, ahem, humbled.

Mom found a girl whom I could talk to. So I sent her a hello email today. *eep* :}

Honey Nut Cheerios!


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