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Holy Crap
I So do not have time to LJ at the level I used to before.

Quick Highlights:
1. Welcome my dear friend lucincia to LJ! Seems like she's using this journal to call out the crazy news stories and how they bother her in this journal. :] Well, everybody starts somewhere. :] (Fellow Guildwars Addict). Go check her out and say Hi!
2. HUGS to all y'all.
3. I'm probably going to have to drop out of several communities 'cause I don't have time to read them anymore. I'm also skimming everybody's entries, only responding to stuff that seems important to respond to.

1. Broke baby toe. Healing. Feels like never end. 2-3 weeks in out of 2-3 months. Sucks. Grr.
2. Guildwars Rocks.
3. Radio Show is going. New Stereo Mic's came in the mail will try next time sounds really good.
4. Girl(s) still talking to me. Might be forming a friendship even.
5. Mom's looking for folks to introduce me to, Indian-style. This may only make sense to Indian-familiar-folks. Its with my consent and input. Causing me all kinds of growing experiences.
6. First TKD Tournmanent in 2 weeks? 1 week? something like that. Will only be doing forms, and I'm sure I'll suck, but i'm going anyway.
7. I am not broke, I am not broken, and I am not bored. :] I love it.

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Oh the news don't bother me. It's the people behind the news whom are out to get me! Along with those aliens.

Sounds like right now, you've got a bit of the good life going. Get out there and enjoy it, and be happy with it. Don't worry about us LJ people, we all sometimes need to put this silly place on park, while we enjoy the life outdoors. ;-)

take care Jena

What is this...out-doors place you speak of? That's not that place with the natural light and fresh air I've heard so much about, is it?

Yes. Its deadly to those of the Necromancy profession.. our auto-mental-regen things shutdown and we get nappy. As an ex-necromancer, I can attest to that...

But the secondary profession of Ranger has its perks.

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