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Twinky Twinky little scar..
My twinky is doing much better. I went to TKD tonight, and it was okay..

I was amazed at how less-twitchy my mind was after a good workout. I might actually get good sleep tonight.

Spent 3-4 hrs doing the radio show tonight... it worked out okay. I went overtime about 6 minutes, luckily, one can do that in a podcast.. and man, I had to weed out stuff. Just waaaay too much content. And.. i think i said yes to handling the website for them as well. Yeeks! Egads! What have I done!?

For pretty cool music, check out Its where i've been looking recently for the show; i'm sure there are other sites out there, but i haven't had to go looking yet.

Now, just trying to wind my brain down so I get can some sleep.. so i can recharge my energy .. so that I can do the things I do NOT want to do, like work, this week. So that I can have a paycheck, that provides me with food/shelter/clothing, as well as funds my geeky hobbies, which allow me to be creative in the way that I DO want to be. The thing to avoid is to have my hobbies chew up the time that goes into sleep that recharges the energy to work. The circle is complete.

Its been a great weekend. And.. Goodnight, have a great week y'all.


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