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Meaningful update?
So, perhaps tonight I have time for a real update?
I've actually read up on my friends list... not deeply, but skimming; lets see what I remember:

Chuck: good luck with the renewal of training!
Jena: heh. i understand about dark haired heritages.
Beth: cryptic as always, but you seem to be pulling through.
James: good luck with that there house thing... you're doing something awesome for yourself there. I'll have to deal with roofers in a year or two as well.
Krysti: Welcome back. Killer wabbit from heck!?
Gina+Jose: glad to indirectly hear all is well. I get Benny updates occasionally.
Gina L: SITH. SITH. SITH! I hope you get to see it soon
Mud: sad that no bites for you.

Latest news: I stubbed my poor little baby toe while doing stretch kicks in TKD last night. Been limping since; its hard to wear shoes. It seems to be getting better.. i don't think there's a fracture, just bruising. This affects my ability to go meet DesMoines Girl tomorrow.. which I'm kinda sad about.. and DDR with Kathy on Sunday/Monday.. but.. hey, maybe it'll heel fast. Heh. get it? Heel? (badum-kishhhhhhh)

This long weekend -- i'm starting it off in good style. I folded laundry, and now i'm doing this catchup thing, and then i'll be playing Guildwars.. my friend Chad is having a hard time with it, and so I think spending some time with him so he can have a better experience would be a good thing. Get him used to missions, and teaming up with folks, perhaps.. i don't know where he's at with it right now. I'm probably about 25% of my way through my obsession with GW, i can feel it getting closer to the hump.

Workouts: I'm less focused on TKD/sparring stuff at the moment. Just don't have the capacity to obsess on multiple things at a time. We've got 2 new instructors: One is like "HEY! FUN! WORKOUT!" and the other is like "YOU GUYS ROCK! GIMME A HIGH FIVE" both very beautiful and peppy and wonderful people. I love 'em both.

I continue to hang at 182 lbs or so, and my belt continues to get a bit tighter.. i've stopped counting calories on a daily basis, but i can tell I'm hanging in a "good" range most of the time.

Jogging - never made it out after that one stint barefoot. My heel healed, but now my Toe is Toast. So, grrrr.. and its been so nice out. That grass is totally calling my name...

I want to try Rollerblading.

Work: I had 10 bugs assigned to me on Tuesday; i had a minor meltdown, and threw the priority list out the window, and worked them top to bottom -- and today I was down to zero. Sweetness. My boss proposed a personal objective for me: Become better at Multitasking, and I refused, politely; not my deal. That was a good thing for me, i think -- holding my boundaries. Being sure of who I am.. and how I best fit into organizations. Still a little unsure there, as to if I'm holding a good line or if its something I need to release.

Social -- most of my socializing has been online, on Guildwars.. Luci Xav and I have been playing i think every night this week so far. That's nice, but there's a personal element that's missing.. being with people, y'know, in person, kind of thing? So.. this weekend should help there.

Parents -- Mom & Dad continue to do great.

Radio Show -- Hmm. I've been making little noises about this. I'm, uh, hesitant to advertise/promote it here, because its related to the church stuff that I do... and religion is a VERY FAST way to loose friends, y'know? So, if you keep in mind that this is something that I'm enjoying doing, and i would probably equally enjoy it on any subject, then if you want to, you can check it out here. Click on Podcast Player to listen to it in streaming mode via flash; or, click on Download File to listen to it normally. Note that I made a boo-boo on the May 22nd episode -- I recorded at a bitrate that the flash player doesn't understand, so we all sound like Chipmunks. Heheh. (On a personal note: Chuck, Perseph, you two might be interested in some of the content - its compatible with things you've talked about before. Gina+Gina, now you can get a feeling of what its like there without actually going.)

I'm excited about it -- i have an idea of how I could convert over to doing a format-based show (rather than a voiceover on a sermon type deal) -- and some ideas on how to do a promo (30 second commercial) for it.

Cats -- they've been really good and luvvy-dubby. A little bored. Samantha caught a bird a few weeks ago, other than that, no rodentia or avonia. Some mornings.. they're a little, umm, whiney, but then if I hold them for 10 minutes or so, they're fine. Divine little points of consciousness, wrapped in beautiful little furry feline bodies. I love them.

That's about it, i guess. Thanks for listening.. love to you all. -S.

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Finally got to see Revenge of the Sith. I was expecting a much worse movie than it was, so I was pleasantly surprised! Sure there was some wooden dialog and a couple of glaring plot holes but the flaws were easily glossed over by movie magic. I enjoyed myself even if I did have to sit in the very front row due to my time reading mistake.

:] That final battle between Anni and Obie was pretty awesome.

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