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ebay grief
gazonks! is ebay down somehow? *I WANNA KNOW IF I WON MY AUCTION!!!!*

30 crunches + 30 situps today. Gearing up for tournament in 47 days.

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It looks like they are having some issues...perhaps that means I will get my item without some sniper snatching it away from me. B-) How the heck can I upgrade my TiVo to 500 hours without the two 250 gig drives? I won one of them...the other is in limbo.

Tivo Rocks.

That it does, that it does. I am about 2/3 of the way to my 500 hour TiVo...turns out the eBay outage was 100 minutes or thereabouts...and they extended the auctions ending during that time a whole day. *sigh* SO far I am still winning my second 250 gig drive, but I HAVE been forced to pay more now as a result. Thank you SO much, eBay. Anyway, the shiny new 80 hour Series 2 arrived today. Not even going to set it up...going to swap the drive in it for the 250, then add the second 250.

As for my old 60 hour Series 1, the jury is still out. I've pondered throwing in a couple 120 gig drives, or I may sell it. Never know.

The way I do it is, i have a 120 hr Tivo (upgraded from a 40), series I, and ... i occasionally download stuff from it to an external harddrive. Nothing on there I want to preserve that badly, i guess.

Heck, I STILL haven't seen the latest season of SG-1 or Battlestar Galactica. I keep saying, "some day", but that doesn't seem to happen unless I'm sick. :]

And I DONT want to be sick.

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