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Life Stock-taking again...
Had a wonderful chat with my sponsor last night, and put to rest some unease i've had over the last few weeks. Its hard to describe, so I'll just say that it has to do with a cream cheese danish with a splash of cherry in the middle, as a metaphor for energy exchange. I'm so glad Sponz and I can talk the same language..

Which brings me back to focus on my life: What am I choosing to do, and where is my focus. I made a pretty cool little chart thingy in my journal, and I thought it might be a fun thing to do online. At first I was putting major texts in there explaining stuff, but then I realized.. if this is for me, i just need to highlight ongoing commitments vs current goals. Some things are mentioned more than once. Note that the colors don't mean anything in particular.

Income Senior Software Engineer. Finish 2 features for current release Recovery 3-4 meetings per week. Meet w/ sponz 1/week. Journalling. Be a sponsor.Work Steps esp #8
Service @ Recovery Be of service in general; willingness to be available. DR, Archivist Church Sunday Service, Music. Sunday Am Jam Sessions Home/Family Care Laundry, Dishes, cleaning, some cooking, some painting, Cat-care, mowing. Social Movie nights, breakfasts with friends, hanging with people. Movie Nights, Guildwars, Keep making plans with folks proactively
Martial Arts 4 classes/week + practise at home; Orange->Green Belt for July, 2 tournaments in summer, sparring focus Self-Entertainment Some Tivo'ed shows. Lots of nappage. Music Listening to PodCasts @ work (kts,80's,dragon,bandtrax), Sunday Morning Jam Sessions Family Love my cats, visit mom & bro's family, and enjoy current adopted family members.
Financial Maintaining bills and stuff. Direct flow towards mortgage and future pilot's license Spiritual Continue to self-monitor, surrender ego to higher self's will. Focus on Cheese Danish and keeping my red energy retracted, only yellow goes out, and no black. Intellectual Mostly happens studying Martial Arts and at work. Physical Martial Arts, Jogging, Weights, Sleep, Eating healthy, Brushing teeth, logging food intake.

Its definitely a good life, and I'm very glad to be living it. Peace Out.

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The HTML messes with the friend's list, dude.

Fixed now
It was messing with my journal too. I had two non-closed td's.

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