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Locking myself out of LJ + Email
Okay, so in an effort to reduce my email browsing and LJ browsing time while I'm at work.. I'm removing access to them, at least for today.

I can do this thanks to this little password generator thing in KeePass.. it puts a generated password on the clipboard which can paste in, IF I'M AT HOME WITH MY LAPTOP. There's other ways in; i'm just removing the convenience of it. Unlike some of my friends, i'm hopelessly addicted to LJ and Email-Checking (especially when cute women threaten to email me), and I'm starting a new role at work tomorrow...

did I mention that? One of the other guys is leaving, and I'm taking over what's left of his feature; its code-complete just bugfixes left. And this guy is at least a 2nd Dan blackbelt coder ... its an honor to work with his code.

So.. here goes. :] Hopefully, I don't.. what's the phrase.. "screw the pooch"? *LOVE TO ALL INCASE I NEVER GET BACK IN*

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Good luck. I have to shut the laptop and lock it upstairs in my room or I'd be checking it every five minutes as well. There's something so addictive about LJ instant feedback. Getting comments just makes my day so I keep going back for another fix like a lab rat yanking on the food lever.

Heh. Kinda like this comment?


Ever thought of running a podcast? you've got access to this huge amount of pretty cool music.. i could see you doing one. Check out Karin's Themed podcast out of the Nederlands... i think your music selection would probably be more enthusiastic than hers.

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