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Back in Ames...
Ho Hum, Yum Yum...

I had a great visit with mom & dad. Dad's health is most definitely improved, he looks great! And mom .. she outshopped me. As usual. :] They are the coolest parents ever.

Morgantown was nice. Lots of hills. The rental car this time was a Nissan Altima .. a fairly sporty car, I must say, I was quite impressed with how it was put together.

The iPod was great! .. i caught up on Adam Curry's "The Daily Show" (thru 4/13), and listened to all of the Dragon Radio stuff (#5 is my current fav), and got a good amount of jazzotronic listened to (some nice stuff there, but i can't listen to it for too long). I did even listen to some "learn Japanese stuff". (sumimasen, nihongoga wakarimasem!) I got a pair of zip-retract earbud headphones which fit snug in the ear to block out ambient sound, that worked pretty well for on the plane. My work computer has (hopefully) been busy downloading and encoding additional content for my little baby... will see to that tomorrow morning.

On the way back.. i was pretty tired. I could tell. I ended up getting home around 3pm, and I crashed till 6 or 7 .. i even missed TKD, if you can believe that. Well, i got to the class to watch... it was a great sparring class, they did 2-on-1's and Knot/NokKnot's. Somebody made a reference to Tekken.

It feels wierd to be back. When I go see mom, i switch to a different universe, and coming back is like.. what the heck was I doing anyway? ... after going thru the bills, and doing laundry and washing dishes.. its starting to feel right again.

Plan is to have Breakfast with Steve tomorrow morning, then ride my bike to work. :] As I've caught up on householdly chores, I might spend some time painting the house tomorrow afternoon.. i'm going after spots where the paint needs some touchup.

I guess its fair to say that my life, for this year, is:
  • Tae Kwon Do -- working towards black belt as the current goal. Current: Green belt for July testing. Learn more Korean. Get good accuracy with kicks.
  • Income generation -- Continue as Software Engineer ("Advanced") work at UGS
  • Recovery stuff -- District Rep volunteer work, + continuing to go to meetings
  • Finances:
    • Pay off truck and 401k loan. $1500 left to go between the two of them.
    • Paying off mortgage / avoiding future interest payments / get out of PMI.
    • Throw some more $ into some CD's, build up short term savings in case of unexpected opportunity.

  • House -- Basic upkeep on the house, nothing fancy. Paint, Window maintenance, Gutter rehab, some plumbing work.
  • Music -- working with Jim on Sundays; Keep expanding my listening horizon thru Podcasts. Not going to push it this year. Will take opportunities as they come up.
  • Health -- keep monitoring and working out. Key is patterns, not willpower. Efforts are in: biking, jogging, TKD, and some weight lifting.
  • Spend time with people I love.
  • Be open to letting new people into my life.



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