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On the lighter side...
a. This flashed by on a geek-related forum. Acapella group doing Nintendo tunes. It was amazingly beautiful... i recognized most of the tunes. And I thought the babes were _very_ cute, prolly 'cause they were being creative in a way I could appreciate, and having FUN while doing it. :]

b. I've set up a computer at work to download certain podcasts, and I came across this one that is really fun: I've only listened to episode 005 at this point, i'm having it go back and grab previous ones now.

c. Along similar lines, there's other really cool podcasts out there. I think my desire to investigate new music is definitely being satisfied. I find myself attracted to clean, complicated, precise sounds (as opposed to raw enthusiasm). Sting/Rush over Ethridge/ACDC. Software I'm using: iPodder.

d. Siju and I rode bikes to work today. It was good.

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hahaha He booted up the Nintendo game! I love it. :)

Yeah, that's the kind of thing I'd like to do, but the chorus I'm in isn't really into pushing things. I'm workin' on that. :-/

And of course, you're right about the babes.

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