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Tkd Testing tonight!
Hey all,

heading home now to get my uniform pressed / shave / groom etc... Testing is tonight! Going for 8th gup.

I'm a little worried about my knees, i jogged a bit too much on Thursday.. took some tylenol, and now the adrenalin is kicking in, i can't feel it anymore. :} Other than that... I _KNOW_ my stuff. I'm going to go and show them my best form.

Nevertheless... wish me luck!


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And, of course... i posted it to my own journal rather than the TKD community. Feh.

It frickin' sucked.
It was wonderful, I had fun!

I'll continue this elsewhere.

Good luck on your testing! I got your message. Thanks for checking up on me! Nothing much new going on. I'll try to get some pics of the new puppy soon and my other dogs too. I'll try and update tomorrow as well.

check out....

Oh, awesome! looks like there's lots of people checking in on you at myspace. I'm glad. :]

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