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Gah! I'm RICH!

So... like.. as of this paycheck, i have $167.91 in the "fun" fund. Its built back up to this level slowly since January when the Tsunami hit and I dumped it all in the Red Cross's general direction...

I have this HUUUUUUUGE list. Must.. relieve... pressure...

1. iPOD. Uses: To go jogging with, to take on trips. Remove music from my work computer. Not there yet. Need to wait another month. Would rather wait than get something cheaper, as I'm already sucked into the iTunes way of life.
2. Replacement digital camera. To replace the one I'm going to give mom in 2 weeks. I will be cameraless! ... wait, I guess I have the cellphone camera... yeah. Okay, i can cross this one off the list for now.
3. Pimp ma Basement: with a kicking bag, and some kind of foam mats to absorb impact, that concrete is tough stuff. I could probably afford the Kicking Bag at this time, but not much more. Unless I found seriously used stuff. OTOH, maybe pimping my basement is a dream to let go of, or wait till i have fundage in the other account to pay for it.
4. Halo 2 -- nah, i'd rather borrow that from somebody. Besides, I won't have time to play it till, like, July.
5. 54g router -- once again, 802.11b is doing just fine, no need to upgrade other than coolness factor.
6. Music -- well, $10 will go into my allowance as of tomorrow for music. So, i'm set there. One song every 3 days.
7. Musical Instruments -- been wanting to get a guitar stand for a while.. a good collapsible one. I can make do without one for now.
8. Music recording gear -- no action there right now. Pass.

So.. as it stands.. looks like i'll save up for the iPOD at this point, or get a Kicking Bag. Kicking bag can probably wait for now... i've got plenty else to learn about sparring at this point without worrying about power. Only barely starting to get a feel for the pattern... that's a whole 'nuther post.

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CDL just got an iPod--friend of a friend up graded to larger memory one so it wasn't too crazy expensive. Have you tried the pawn shops for your gaming and electronic needs? Halo 2? Meh. Borrow it. Music--anything you need that I might have? Can burn you whatever if you feel like going P2P route. Most recent coolness I bought: The Go Team! tasty happy goodness. Reminds me of 70's TV themes with a modern twist. Girl drummer who rocks, too!

Gina! my lady! So good to hear from you...

I did get a lead from a friend (Alan!) who's possibly selling an iPod.. that's the best route to go, to get a hand-me-down. They're already full of love from the previous owner...

I picked up jogging shoes! my last pair is like 5 years old and harder than a rock. I am SO looking forward to getting trimmer... (that's where the iPod comes in)

Hmm.. music.. for me, i'm in the "discovering good music" stage.. just following the links around iTunes, trying to get used to this discovery process.. thanks for the offer, if there was ever anything in particular I wanted, i would look you up.

Hey, if you have time/space, or if you've done this already, do you ever do "compilations"? like, throw together a bunch of music that you think is cool, burn it to a disk (or P2P it), and then I could borrow/take that disk and discover said music through your eyes? I'd totally be up for that. Your last recommendation for me, Polyphonic Spree, was very enjoyable.

I will totally check out the Go Team. *rubs hands in anticipation* ... have you heard of Thermal and a Quarter? this last 2 weeks, i've been playing Ennio Morricone and Dragostea/O-Zone a lot. I even checked out Scissor Sister's remake of Comfortably Numb, it didn't go over well with me.

Girl musicians are cool, period. Especially Geeky ones. :]

Hey, Miss. (yeah, i know its Mrs, but that doesn't sound as cool). Smooth sailing with your surgery, 'kay? I'm sure it will be most okay. Then you can join me in jogging, if you're up for it! I just got new pair of shoes today.

I've got the faith that everything will turn out okay on Monday. Or any other day, for that matter. But still, am a wee bit nervous so thanks for the good thoughts. They help. We'll talk jogging much MUCH later, mmkay? I don't think I've actually done any running since puberty hit like a ton of bricks!

I'd be happy to make you a compilation (we used to call 'em Samplers back in the day. Seems to be a strictly Council Bluffs thing though). I've actually heard songs lately and thought, "Sunny would totally dig this." I'll do some assembly and get back to you on the exchange part. Maybe coffee or something.

*smiles*... i can just imagine you like, initially overcompensating, and continuously falling backwards.

Coffee sounds great. I'll buy!

Go for the Ipod?
I picked up a 30GB photo Ipod for $319 (Yay for friend getting my the Educational discount) and I'm in love with it.

That is the direction this is panning out. My friend, Alan, has a 20GB iPod he was about to put on Ebay, that he's going to sell to me for $250, including some extras. I decided to cash out $150 from fun and $100 from regular and get it.. since its not purely a fun toy, as I'm pretty serious about working out more.

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