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DND memelike thing
Inspired by altrocks over at the welovegeeks forum...

If you were a DND player..
1. What would your stats be? (Just your own feel)
2. Have they been going up (+) or down (-) ?
3. What classes are you?
Extreme Mental activity including learning= Magic User;
Martial Arts/Working out/Sports=Fighter/Barbarian;
Construction/Fixing/Building=? Tinkerer?
Spiritual-Path=Cleric, Druid, etc
Levels are # of years spent. Make stuff up that feels right. Doesn't have to add up.

Level 33 Sunny:
(Cleric 5+/Fighter 1+/Tinkerer 1+/MU 9+)
Str - 14(+)
Dex - 12(+)
Con - 12(+)
Wis - 18(+)
Int - 15(-)
Cha - 13(+)


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