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So, i'm hearing more and more about "Con"'s. There are apparently many kinds of Con's.

To be honest, in the past, I haven't gone because:
a. I felt way raw on the inside, I felt like i'd stick out like a sore thumb.
b. I didn't know how to handle being around large groups of people.
c. I didn't think i'd be able to handle being exposed to 100's of really cute geek women
d. I didn't feel Geeky Enough.
e. I didn't seem to have any active Geek Interests that warranted a con. I'm no longer an RPG'er, never was a board-gamer, only a passing interest in Anime, etc.

Now, its like:
a. I'm pretty happy inside my own skin.
b. I know how to be around large groups of people. And small groups of people. And being nice to people.
c. I could probably handle being exposed to 100's of really cute geek women. I might be toast if they pay particular attention to me, but that's okay, i'll bring grape jelly.
d. I KNOW i'm not Geeky enough. Or, perhaps, not specialized-geek enough. But I can say that: I LOVE geeks. And I love to watch Geeks be Geeky.

So.. anybody local going to a Con sometime after May? Just to find out what my options are.

For what its worth, my current geekness is: Martial Arts. And as such, i DID go to the SIBBA Symposium in November, and it was mondo fun. So many white uniforms! My heart was all a flutter. Eagerly looking forward to the next, i'm going to take the sessions on Bo Staff and Gung Fu, and prolly break some boards too.


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