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Gar.. Take That, you Heathen Pine!
Siju and I spent our lunch break holding boards for each other.
We broke a whole bunch each.
He was very excited.. it was one of the things he'd been worried about, with the upcoming testing. I'm glad we could work through that. We're probably going to practise forms tomorrow morning together. I love having friends in the same TKD class as me.

In other news: I think i'm in big trouble now. :] A girl actually said Yes to having coffee with me some time. (Yikes! Holy Crap! I'm not ready for this! Yeeep!)

Brings to my mind the question: What part of myself am I putting forward? Before, i was such a fake. The real me never showed up. The real me has never had much use for exposing itself to other people. It is totally shy and quiet until you get to know it. And unlike some folks.. i'm not gifted with the gift of gab and societical analysis with which they can interface with other humans.

I guess i'll just go find out who this person is. no big deal. Not anymore.

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Ya for you and your lady friend.
Go get that coffee, relax, make interesting and musing conversation, and I'm sure you'll be fine. And make sure you share the details with all of us here. :-)

(Which, long ago when I met Angela for coffee.. I came home and wrote in my old Blog, and I had about 15 positive comments saying that I probably did fine and we'd probably end up dating, etc. And you know what? All of it came to reality. It was the best relationship of my life. :-)

"I'm not ready for this!"

Yes you are!!

*does the excited bunny wiggle*

Yay for you on board breaking and girl wooing! Congratulations. You'll do fine on the coffee date, I just know it.

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