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Miscellany Update
Hey. I guess.. this would be the kind of stuff i'd tell a girlfriend at night, as we decompress over the phone, or with a cup of tea... just realized that..

So, may I adopt y'all for now?

A very dry update ...
  • A friend sent me a link to the ORIGINAL O-Zone video for Dragostea. To quote one friend: OMG they're Hot. (or something like that). The guy who says "Salut" looks like my nephew Amar. I think that song is going to become one that I regularly practise and could perform. :]
  • Somebody sent me a Batman Movie done in Lego Style... very nicely done. Pretty long, too. Man, i wish I had that kind of time and resources.. i'd love to do something like that... or help out, anyway.
  • I found that I really enjoy putting old Hindi songs to the guitar. I've been working on some stuff from the movie Julie.. finding that Hindi music is mostly in the ____ scale (alorian?) .. minor scale, A->A on white keys on the piano.
  • I bought, and broke, some real boards.. front snap kick and palm strike. It was fun. It hurt a bit.
  • I found a lead on a Tabla instructor who might allow for a over-the-web class. Now I gotta get Tablas.
  • Signed up for TKD again today. A coworker, Neeraj, signed up with me.. now we'll be 3 desi's strong. :]
Feelingswise.. i'm doing okay. Kinda overwhelmed. All the above is neat stuff, but isn't the heart of life... I don't know yet what the heart is. There's a few important things I need to do, which would be easy to put off. They are:
  • Type up and share with somebody my answers to this really cool inventory on relationships and marriage that a splendid lady in New York sent me.
  • Make some decisions around how much TKD I'm going to do for this session, so that I can be at peace with it.
  • Ask somebody out. I know nothing about this person, other than someone whom I trust who knows me very well says I really should meet her, she's fun.
  • If I see her, ask somebody else out. She's amazingly sweet and nice and I remember being attracted to her the first time I met her, 2 years ago.
  • Get plenty of sleep so that I can kick ass tomorrow at work, because i want to do a good job.
  • Get some weightlifting into my week, as well as some jogging. I do want to take it up a notch, because I know I can, easily, were it not for time.

While I'm at it though.. want to acknowledge/ask/note: --
SIG, how did your Metro presentation thing go?
PW, doin' any better dear? *sends hugs*
B, you have the cutest cast members.. Nick is a lucky guy being surrounded by so many amazingly nice women..
MIYE, nice 'toonz, i loved the lime coconut one...

That's about it I guess. Thanks for listening!

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"PW, doin' any better dear? *sends hugs*"

If that's me, (and I'm going to pretend it is, regardless ;)), yes, I actually latest post tells the whole story. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, I could feel them. That book is amazing! I think it's going to be an important tool in my fight.

I also wanted to tell you that I have that little stuffed lion you sent me on my dresser. I was lying on my bed yesterday afternoon staring at it, believing that it was giving me courage. :)

Thank you so much, my beautiful friend. (((HUGS)))

"really cool inventory on relationships and marriage"

Hey, if you do type that up, I may want to see it. Is it something you can use to figure out what you want in such relationships? Because that's something I need to work on, figuring out exactly what it is I want. I seem to forget it so easily.

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