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An awesome evening (and weekend)

I made it back to TKD class tonight! I am _so_ happy. My chest yucky flu stuff seemed to melt away... and I lasted both classes in really good shape.

I sparred with a young fellow named James.. we were pretty evenly matched -- both had really good guards up. Note to self: to work more on combination kicks as a default rather than single kicks. And Mr Glen kicks pretty hard.. had to tense up my abs to absorb some of the blow even thru the Hogu (chest protector). And little Marcia helped me put my Hogu on.. she's a total darling.

And i broke a rebreakable board! Side kick. My first ever. It was effortless, once they got enough equal-sized people holding it, and also once I kicked _past_ the board.

Instructor (Mr. Morgan) told me I have really good sparring kicks -- very fast, lots of snap. *beams*

I continue to weigh myself.. tonight, after TKD and after rehydration, i was about 180. (while I was sick, I got as low as 179.8). This is kinda cool, I'm heading into 170's territory! I haven't been here since, oh, '96? 160's, here I come / unless I settle higher but with more muscle.
I leant(?) out the projector and screen to a friend, who took it to a superbowl party. This is the first time i've lent(?) it out.. its the only thing I own that's really expensive, so i had a few butterflies. However, Stu is a very responsible fellow... it came back tonight, all in one piece. Apparently the.. uh.. umm.. New England somethings won (that's where my friend is from). And the.. uh..

oh, heck. A good time was had by all. And Paul McCartney probably didn't bare any naughty bits on stage.
The possibility of me recording sermons at church and spinning a series into a 1-hr show for public access is continuing to grow. Today's would have been a great one to record -- still talking about the power of intention. Talking about how, we might be plugged in to the Divine, but we still need to flip the switch -- and we do that through our intention. Which takes on at least 7 different faces. (Hmm, i feel kinda like Rev Bem when I talk about the Divine like that.)
Got a song and a request to perform. "With A little Help from my friends", (McCartney/Lennon), with new words by Joseph Ray -- for church. "Would you believe, if I came up to you / and I told you that you are divine?", etc.
I got back a speaker from the church (Its one of the ones that livingdeadpan and I bought off the back of a truck), and hooked it and its friend up as the rear speakers for my surround sound setup. Its frickin' awesome. Using a bass amp for the center channel for now -- sounds a bit forced. Overall, though, sounds very nice. Probably a total of.. hmm. 120+120+90+150+75+75 possible watts, though i never drive it loudly, as my ears ring very quickly nowadays. And it looks very pretty, too.

At some point in time, I will buy a "real"/"packaged" surround sound system, and free up my music equipment, and set up a music practise place, possibly in the basement. Permission is granted; waiting for the opportunity. nausicaa1, any openmic ideas in your head that you'd like to and have time to work out? And/or, want to join me in the song mentioned above? Just giving you the information so that you have an option, if its something you want to do.
I want to take drumming lessons. Not western drums.. but more, hand drums -- i dunno what they're called. I played them at Reggie's place on Saturday at the singalong.. and they make so many different sounds.. and it just rolls out my hands, i don't even have to think about it, even more fluid than guitar work for me.

All in all, its been an awesome weekend. I'm so grateful and thankful to be alive, and to be healthy -- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Life is _so_ full, its amazing. Thank you, God.

Gnight' all! Have a wonderful week!

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Way to go on breaking the board! :)

Thank you, thank you. *bows*

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