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cute conversation...
We were talking about the process he goes through to create his comic strip (Yac Yac)...
[23:08] lucincia: but i am so used to the cheapo paint shop pro :)
[23:08] sunnywiz: but, then, you'd have a learning curve and would get behind in comic strip production
[23:09] sunnywiz: and then the hordes of screaming fans would attack your house like "Yacyac of the Dead" 
[23:09] sunnywiz: and then you'd have to pull out the cow-tapult
[23:09] sunnywiz: and you KNOW bessie don't like to be treated like that
[23:09] lucincia: heh.  wish i have that many fans :)
[23:09] sunnywiz: ... cows with guns

Cows with Guns being, of course, that most excellent animation that I hopefully posted about earlier...

In other news ... i may be coming down with In-Flu-En-Za. I was helping somebody who had a positively diagnosed case of it... I REALLY DON'T WANT IT. At least, not tomorrow. Monday would be fine, Work can do without me, but not tomorrow. I have a District Meeting to attend! *grump*

Sha-well. It will be what it will be. My body is pretty durn strong, and I'm feeding it OJ and Chickensoup NOW. damnit.

I got to spend some quality time with Lady T today. I do so much enjoy her company.. and I sure can't explain it. I think part of it is, she accepts me exactly as I am... goofball and all. When she leaves, i'm like ... *pout*, don't want her to go. And I am *so* proud of her.. she's moving this weekend, cleaning out junk from her life... i helped haul a load of stuff to Goodwill with her today. Have I ever said I love her smile? And the twinkle in her eye? And she is totally a babe for me? Heck, i like the way her sneakers touch the ground as she walks. I like how she wears a scarf. I ...

*smiles* So, this is what its like to be "soft" on someone? :] Its a nice feeling. Okay, I accept it: I'm soft for her. Too bad she has a 6'4" huge built Eastern European boyfriend with possible mob ties whom she's pretty much chosen. :] (ok, j/k on the mob part). So.. i look forward to having other people in my life whom i grow this fond of.


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