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So my amazing attempt at being productive tonight has... gone crashing into the dirt.
I need another 2-3 hrs to get organized for something on Sunday. !#%$!$!$!
I guess it'll happen on Saturday. Coffee shop, here I come..
I want to be a good DR. And I don't have me filing system figured out yet. *grump*

Ah well. Quick synopsis of the day:
  • Took a friend to meditation today, it was good for them.
  • Turned off the heat and left the back door open into the backyard for the cats so they could go out in the sun if they wanted. Got home to a 40-degree house. Took a while to warm it back up.
  • Bus. Good. Missed. 20min extra. Glad.
  • Work. Productive. Yay. Visio UI Mockupsins.
  • Cats. Beautiful. Chestwarmers. 0wn3d.
  • Treadmilled. Not so good. Shin Din. Read about it here.
  • Mom. Computer trouble. JPG. IrFanview. BMP. AOL. VNC. VNC no work. Talk. Talk. Worked. Yay. Momgood. Was quality time.
  • Halo 2. Friend. Friend has Xbox. Possibilities arising.
  • PS-2. DDR for PS-2. Possibilities arising.
  • Gym floor padding research. used. Specials. Several. $89/4x6ft. still expensive. 2 paychecks more should be safe to buy. Handstands! Superfoot's store.

Thank you lovelies.. and...pantherathecat *plays taps for your fishies* persephone_wynd get better soon! jenaflynn*BIG HUGS* giyota *pats your belly with permission* hollow5555 be harmonious, techguy amber_hourglass 3 cheers for Opera! nausicaa1 did you humanclock your babies?

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*hugs* No worries. you are doing now what you are supposed to be doing. You will get everything done in due time :)

Hey, I wanted to ask you... are you thinking about going to the RSS in Ohio later this year?

I was thinking, i'm not going, but if I find a reason to go, I might. *not sure*

LOL I'm not sure. I didn't hear when it is. I might. OH is very close to us. Send me details? Oddly, I haven't heard anything on it o_O *dies for astonishment* hahaha

North Central Regional Service Seminar
NCRSS in Cleveland, Aug. 19,20&21,2005.

will post more info when I find it.

Thanks for the wishes, though harmonious isn't looking like a viable option anytime soon. Too much to do, too much going on. I'll answer your email, that'll do it :)

Boo! What's up? hehehehe

Sorry I didn't reply. It's not intentional. I've been behind since school started back up and all that. I friended you!

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