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I took a pair of scissors to my cellphone
... leather holder thingy. Honestly.. i've TRIED those belt clip on things. There is NOWHERE that they are comfortable. I'd much rather have the phone in my trouser pocket or shirt pocket or better yet, winter coat pocket...

yet, i do want the leather thingy around the phone -- because of the plastic sheeting thing that covers the screen -- if the leather case gets oily (which flip fones do), i can wash it safely. I tried washing another phone of mine.. it didnt' survive dunking in Saylorville Lake. Don't do that.

So, i took a pair of scissors to the leather holder thingy. And added a piece of duct tape. And.. it worked!

I found more information on the state of the phone. Check this out. So... hey. Yeah. Verizon sucks ass. ... I just might switch. I have 27 days left to switch. Except.. i've done a case mod. :] ...

Okay. In 2 years, I will switch. Till then, I'll play sheep. Baaaa.

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