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Halloween Party Weekend.
This [last weekend] was the weekend of the 13th Annual Vincent's Hollow Halloween Party.
It was good. Writing this post as a self-reminder of all that I loved this weekend.

Party Details.
I feel that i've been fighting something off this weekend. It would explain why i got totally drunk off my ass by drinking 1/4 of a 12oz bottle of Orange Twister.

Costume-wise -- i was the snake from Ellen was the Mushroom. And we had 3 people in mostly-black costumes to be the badgers. And we videotaped it. It was FRICKIN AWESOME. I'm waiting for the link to come up at Jim's website(s) so I can show everyone.

Activities that I parttook in:

  • Watched part of: Van Helsing. 'was okay.
  • Watched movie: Dawn of the Dead. Wow, that was intense. I had to go outside in the moonlight to regain my center. Note: Horror movies and I do not normally get along; i reserve my horror movie watching for occasions such as these.
  • Watched movie: Frighteners. I love that movie.
  • Watched movie: Shaun of the Dead. (Matinee) Frickin' awesome, mate!
  • BBQ at the Rack in Iowa City. New BBQ spot, VERY nice, and they even had retro 80's video games.
  • Audio Hookup with CP -- he had knowledge, and he shared it. 1 crossover box, 1 2x90w amp, and many cables later, we had a VERY kick-butt audio system going. Without his 15" subwoofers, the sound would not have been nearly as good.
  • I missed the pumpkin carving -- which is okay, i'm not into that. They had some nice 'kins.
  • Party Decorating. An amazing job yet once again. What I thought was really cool was, we had a forest of shady trees wallpaper surrounding the dance floor.
  • Party Drinking -- Over time we've gone from "keg, keg, keg" to "imported & microbrewery beer". There was more mudslide than we could finish. You name it, we had it. Me -- i had a twister on friday, some mudslide, and 1/4 of a twister on Saturday, and that's all I could take. :] I'm definitely not an alkie.
  • Party Dancing -- Oh, the joy. Retro 80's stuff, some NIN, some Heavy stuff.. it was all good. These are my good buddies, and I felt perfectly comfortable doing interpretive dance with them around... not many other places I'd do that.
  • Party Newbies -- each year, a few new people stop by.. this year, it was Matt and Michelle, two friends of Jim+Julia's. After 30 minutes with us, it felt like they'd always been a part of.
  • Party Conversation -- there's these 4 couches that we have in a clump, and a continuous ongoing conversation blossommed there. As the party wound down (slow songs about 1am or so), we had some very meaningful stuff talked about there.. relationships with parents, changes in finances, etc. Those are the things I love to be in.. meaningful stuff, where people really connect with other people. It was frickin' beautiful.
  • Party Bonfire -- big bonfire pit outside. Sure enough, the pyros took care of it. Discovered the flammability of cinnamon and Coffee Creamer.
  • Party Costumes -- Oh my god, it was awesome. I most noticed -- Keely put together a cute little thing based on the lady in Van Helsing. She doesn't acknowledge it, but DAMN she's hot, and combined with that costume, I had to internally shut down some sensors in me. Hooooly shook. *shakes himself back to present* Tasselhoff had a very nice job as a zombie with bloody bulletholes in his head. Stalker + Laura were AWESOME Zombies.. her chin of blood was VERY real looking. Matt and Michelle were Jesus and an Angel. Jim + Julia came as nothing less than: An electric plug, and an electric outlet. Everything was at the biologically accurate latitude. X24 came as a pac-man-arcade-robot-dude-thing (all silver). Panthera was "Anime Girl" (wow) (note: there was some incriminating footage taken of her.) The Shelby's were a bride and groom zombie, although Chris could have also been a hobo. He does a great BoJangles imitation. Jay+Sara were two cute skunks.
  • The Day After -- another tradition. We went to the Vine (a sports bar), and it was good.

  • Private -- I got to watch X24 do a 30 minute storytime at the Coralville Public library. We did a lot of Itsy Bitsy Spider. I also spent quality time with him. It was great. He's one of my favs, i love him.
  • Private -- Benny & I had lunch with Steve Ekholm and his daughter Sarah (who is very special to me.) It was awesome seeing them. Kinda hatching a plan to go see Spamalot in Chicago with them in January. Thanks jenaflynn!

So.. yeah. It was very very good.

We may not keep this tradition alive much longer. Kids are growing up, and .. it will be harder for parents to disappear for a weekend. We shall see. I think we'll get 2, maybe 3 more years of this.

Personally -- i'm pretty proud of myself. I behaved fairly well, even if my insides were totally squirming all over the place. It was good to connect to my tribe again.

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Sounds like a lovely time was had by all!

I often wonder what the Ekholms are up to. I really liked them both. I imagined that they were advanced versions of Corey and me. Like "I want to be like them when I grow up."

Colyer (I hope I spelled that right) is a full time doc at some hospital thing or the other. She recently got a really big achievement thing in her Weaving hobby ... some kind of master certificate thing that she's been working towards for the last 5 years.

Steve continues to be active with his political party of choice, and is also a 5th grade science teacher at a private school (really cool -- he does stuff like rocketry, building volcanoes out of cake, making projectile weapons out of magnets, etc)

I want to be like them when I growed up too.

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