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Movie night moved.
Posting for completeness: due to conflicts, movie night moved to 11/10/2004. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back, DVD special edition release.

All my LJ friends are invited... just let me know that you're coming if you're coming, 'kay?

Next movie night: scheduled for Wednesday 7:30pm 12/1/2004. Movie not yet picked. Current contenders seem to be Pulp Fiction and Pirates of the Carribean.


saw UFC'44 DVD last night. Randy Coutoure was amazing. He helped Tito Ortiz see that being bold and opinionated is only part of the deal. I really liked that a) Tito cried at the end, b) he put the belt on Randy himself. I feel like he grew from the experience.

I really like that the DVD has outtakes from the contender's lives behind the stage. It gives a better feel for their personalities than the marketing engine and ringside commentary. For me, its all about personality and composure.

It also helps me see that what I'm going for in Tae Kwon Do is *not* the ability to fight. If i wanted to fight, i'd go Mui Tai, Wrestling, Jujitsu. No, for me, TKD is about form and power.


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