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Weekend in Review
So, even if I was in a daze most of the weekend... there were TONS of awesome things that happened this weekend. This is to remind myself that life is definitely good...


I got my much awaited projector on Thursday. I spent most of Thursday evening tearing down my living room and putting it back together again... I even went as far as purchasing fabric from Wal-Mart, learning to use an eyehole punch, and using trigonometry to figure out where to put the things in the wall so that the screen made a right angle to the path of the projector across the diagonal of the living room. Inverse Arc Tangent BABY. (All being said and done, I also ordered a tripod screen, i found one on sale for <$100 -- makes a HUGE difference what you project onto. I learned about translucense.. and the effect of paint on fabric.. and a whole bunch of stuff.)

I borrowed a PS2 from my friend Benny, and I rented Prince of Persia... and had a blast. Pretty nice game. I got bored after the 3rd act (7% into the game)... I also watched Tivo, and most of Phantom Menace, etc. Result: .... I can see why high end video projection gear had things like line doublers and other such yicyac. Depending on the source of the signal, you can REALLY SEE artifacts when everything is so huge. Good side: Stuff coming off the DVD is pretty pristine. I think I'm pretty much set as far as home theater goes.

Dunno if I mentioned it here.. what this projector means to me, I think, is... its a dream that I had in my 20's that is now fulfilled. My life is no longer filled with impromptu movie socializings... and as such, for personal entertainment, a projector is not even close to a necessity.. yet, acquiring it filled a dream. Plus, I totally bought it with saved up fun money, no credit involved whatsoever. First time I've ever had the patience to wait something out and get it when it was in the clear.

Barn Dance:

I went to a barn dance on Friday with my friends Alice and Steve and Stu (and Jean-Luc as well, though I know him not as well). At first, i was a little afraid to go.. but once I got there, it was a BLAST. I remember dancing with a very bubbly beautiful eyesparkly girl named Jennie, whom I really do hope to see again. Even got to do a free-for-all promenade-couple-seeking-couple left-and-right-star thingy which was waaaay fun. And I treated every woman I danced with like a queen. Especially the cute single ones. I like doing that. :]

... I also had a lot more stamina! Didn't have to take a break hardly at all.

I, Robot

Saw the movie with Stu and Steve (different one) and Steve's sister.. and OMG! Nobody Told me that the Robot Dude's name was SONNY! I *have* to get an icon now. *evil grin* .... good flick, enjoyed it, especially the robot-kicking-robot scenes.. SONNY ROCKS DOOD.

Shrek 2 oh wait that was last weekend or something. Skip that. Angry vs Fearful crying came into play there.. thanks Gina again for that nugget of info on the different baby cry types! My niece is a beautiful little brat.

Breakfast with Steve ... was fun as always. Ran into an old fellow named "Dukes".. seems to me, he had trouble remembering what he'd already told us, so he told us each story at least 2-3 times... kinda sad. I sent his soul some happy lovin', i hope he transitions peacefully sometime soon. His physical self seemed in so much emotional pain. Lost his wife like 7 years ago, doesn't know what to do with himself now. My god, I will NEVER be one of those kinds of brainwashed husbands. Having to train your husbands my ass.. that's bondage. Fuck that.

King Buffet ... yummy crab legs and ice cream. What more is there to say? There was a communication difficulty between the checkout lady and one of my friends, which I intercepted and redirected by drawing on a napkin so that everybody understood what was going on. I like communicating...

Nap Nap Nap Glorious Nap! I spent a LOT of time napping over the extended weekend. Yumminess.

Painting Mugs I went up to Gilbert on Saturday, to eat at Daisy Chains and Laughs.. but Lisa wasn't there, so I didn't stay. I went up the street to Jo's, and she was there, and ... we met with these really cool folks from South Africa.. and we broke out some resin paints and epoxy stuff and tried to paint up some mugs. Then these guys bought a 300lb metal pig and a horse.. and I volunteered my truck to move it.. and so I did... and Jo was going to bake the mugs. Hmm... might get the results tonight. I drew a picture of my perception of God, spirit, male, female, yin, yang, and love.

... being artsy, as well as spending quality time with Jo, was exactly what i needed that afternoon. That need to connect with people in a meaningful way.. its only growing stronger and stronger.

A friend in need. I have a friend who'se going through a rough time.. his father was just diagnosed with terminal cancer. My heart goes out to him. I got to talk to him see how he was doing tonight.

Dynamites I made a crockpot recipe of sloppy-joe type stuff that some friends in Babble had posted on YacYac. It was ... very smooth, pretty good! ... I have at least 4 servings of it frozen in the freezer now.

All Dishes Done. What can I say? Sparkly-Clean!

Kittens chasing around the yard... and I chased them too. I would run from one corner to the other, and crouch down and hide.. and Samantha would then run over to find me... then I'd run to the other corner... and she'd follow. Little booger. I love her.

Dragon Fly I was napping this morning about 5am or 6am or so.. and Whiskey came in ... with a live dragon fly. She proceeded to let it loose in the bedroom, and then hunted it down. Scared the SHIT out of me. almost. ... She was amazing, she'd do these leaps 3 feet up in the air like in the Matrix.. catch it in her teeth.. and then land with a cat-sideways-somersault halfway into the trash, which she then knocked over. By the time I went to the kitchen (very grouchy) and got some paper towels, she had killed it, and I got to pick up yellow bug goo. what a way to start a morning.. yeesh.

Breakfast with Steve take two I was relating the dragonfly story to Steve later that morning, and I was halfway through half-standing-up-describing Whiskey's amazing move.... when the girl came over to deliver the food. I froze, halfway through the incredible twist thing.. realized that it probably looked a little wierd... totally deadpaned to her: Uh... my cat caught a dragonfly... she smiled (a "oh my god you are so Goofy I don't know you" smile), moved on... and then I continued the story for Steve's benefit. *grins* I love being goofy. Some people even love me for it. They've told me so. :]

Games at Pat's on Friday .. a friend of mine who is very shy had some of us over for board games.. and it was way fun. Played Boggle and ... one other. We had a slight technical argument over whether or not "Soy Milk" could be in the scategory "Dairy Products". Technically: No. However, in the store, to get it, one often goes to the Dairy Products section. I won the game by scoring 17 points, the least of anybody else at the table. :] (ahem. That means, I was actually the worst scorer. However, I discovered that there's a difference between being competitive, and wanting to win.)

Pammel Grocery I visited Pammel Groceries (on Stang) and bought some yummy Indian food. And I had one of the best Gyro's i've had in a long time... ask for the green chillies. and I talked with Karen (the lady of the family that owns the store) for like 2 hours.. about everything from using cellphones as fishbait to the purchase of laptops and ... oh, i dunno. Stuff. It was another great Meaningful Connection With People moment for me.

Hmm.. okay, i think i'm starting to wind down now... that was about it. Just my average, HP-guided weekend. (Thank you, HP.. its been wonderful and beautiful. And thank you for the lessons too.)


(PS: sorry about the no-cut thing. Internet connection was down at work, else would have fixed it in the morning)

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That's a whole lot to be grateful for :) hehe

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