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My schedule...
Trying to get a feel of where i've been putting my time...

(created in Excel, Page Preview, screen cap, edited, saved as .PNG)

So.. yah, i'm pretty saturated there. I'm glad I have lots of personal time... i seem to need it. :] So, if I want to stick TKD or going to watch bands or whatever in, something will have to give. Possibly temporarily, could reduce M,T,Th, or F evening stuff...

My list of things I yet want to do are still the same:
* Flying lessons
* Some form of Martial Arts
* Some form of Musical Expression

Woe betide me to find time once I start dating somebody. :} Let alone have a family. Better get it in now B4 its too late.

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lol Busy, but not bad, eh? Sounds like fun. :) Nice program you made as well. Good luck with it all!

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