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Friends Graphs...
This was created using the TouchGraph LiveJournal Browser.

I loaded myself, and loaded in all the people I knew directly, then trimmed it down so that only folks with 2 friends in common and 3 interest are shown. I made sure my node was always expanded as much as I could.

In the process, i found out that hoshabi had added me. Hi Dan! I added you back!

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I think its because I have both you and Weahawk loaded, and you guys have a definite community in common.

too cool! Looks like I should go see what stile99 and spiffy101 are like as we share several things in common!

Watch out for that Stile guy.

He's insane.

Re: Watch out for that Stile guy.

I'll be sure to avoid making sudden movements or mentioning the vast government conspiracy against him (yes, I'm in on it, too) when he's around, then.

Stile was my hero when I was in 6th grade! Why I was allowed to read Piers Anthony books while I was a 6th grader, I'll never know, but I adored those and the Xanth novels immensely.


I seem to be right in the middle of the action. I have a ton of interests listed though, and many of them are common ones.

I couldn't get mine to look that pretty. One of my friends has a TON of friends, and that monopolized the whole thing. It seemed to be all or nothing...

Just like LDP & WH hogged mine. :} If I expanded Mudd's friends, it totally took over the graph. Ah, to be so popular...

No, it was worse. The person in question has 580 friends. I don't know how she manages to read all those journals!

And something else...

You have INTP listed in your interests. Are you INTP? I was thinking you were something else...INFP or INFJ.

Re: And something else...

I'm not sure I remember. I don't remember adding that to my things.. but I can't seem myself adding it without research. ... *thinks*

nope, totally blank. I remember, a long time ago, I was IN{T/F}{P/J} -- borderline on two, and even the {I/E} was debatable.

Next time I take one of those tests, i'll change the letters accordingly. Know of any neato quicko quizzo's?

Re: And something else...

This is the one I always give out:

It isn't super quicko though.

How did you get your graph to just show interests, without all the extra friends? I guess I need to fiddle with it some more...

Re: And something else...

I set the "Min # common friends" thing to 2, and set the "Min # common interests" to 2 or 3, I think.

Will re-take the test when I have more time, which may be late late later on tonight.

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