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I hereby quote an email that went to a users list of an opensource product that I use at work:

Subject: [PRODUCT-users] i am new to PRODUCT. SO PLEASE HELP ME
this is senthil. i am new to PRODUCT. 
let i am come to the question.
After record the script, the script modeler windiw does't  show the 
SCLscript. but the test is Reply successfully.
And how to declare the global variables.

In true Libra (or maybe just insane) form, I have two opinions at the same time. Here's kinda how I experience them:

"YOU MORON! We are NOT here to be your frickin ..."
"poor guy, he probably doesn't speak English. Was assigned to use OpenSTA by his boss, and he's ...
"BABY SITTERS! Read the frickin FAQ! ... oh.. no english?"
struggling to try to figure this out ...
"But Wait! What's he doing in the tech field if he no speakie Engrish?"
"Such a bad Economic situation in India. He's probably doing his best..."
"I wish my thoughts would complete."


"May I womp him on the head a couple times?"
"Sadly, no. But I can certainly agree that neither of us are moved to help him out."
"But if we don't do something, ... such abuses will continue. what can we do?"
Yeah, we'd better post something.

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You know, your thought process sounds exactly like mine (perhaps a bit less violent than mine, but I digress), but I'm a Leo, not a Libra. Lol, my point? Just saying I can relate. ;p

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