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arg. sick. Sick? energy.. sleeping lots.. body feels feverish (you know, those chill things). No sniffling. Stomach upset.
... might be related to being out in the Sun too much also. We were working on the cat fence earlier today..

I need to call that City number so that they can mark where the gas lines, cable lines, etc are. Only then will i feel safe driving the posts into the ground. Anybody know what it is off the top of their refridgerator?

I think i'm going to go ahead without calling the dudes up.. i don't really need the access gate, i can fashion one out of what i've already got. It will be a little akward, but still possible. I'll probably have to put a sign up saying, "this is a gate", so that the meter people will know that its there.

Saw Hidalgo last night. One thing stuck out to me: how he called his horse, "little brother". I started calling my cats "little sisters", and the feel is VERY different from "my babies". Its like, respectful of their cat-ness. We had a wonderful cuddle time earlier today.. Whiskey was neslted by my feet under the blanket, Samantha was in my lap, and BOTH were snoring. It was so cute.

In other news, yesterday, I hooked up the gig speakers and the power amp in the living room, and used it to drive some tunes. I even broke out the guitar for a bit. Its amazing how I can loose track of my instrument unless its coming from a seperate set of speakers.

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*hugs* Happy Memorial Day.

*hugs to you too!*

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