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Where in the world is Carmen Indiana?

Actually, its Carmel, Indiana.  I'm already forgetting. Its where we went to a soccer tournament this weekend.

The big part was: We = just me and Quinn.  Molly had church stuff to do, so she didn't come along.  This was our first weekend outing together.. and I think it went splendidly!  We respected each other's space, we got along, we were effective.  Yay us!

Some highlights -
  • I mistook a hairdryer for an xbox controller, so I brought it home with me.  Oops. 
  • I totally fell off the no-caffeine and less-sugar wagon.   Tomorrow, withdrawal starts again.
  • Quinn was keeper for 1/2 of the last game.  He did well.  Kinda enjoys it - its a lot less stressful. 
  • Lunch adventures - see synopsis below
  • Check in at a WalMart on 4Sq.  the Tip: "Take a shower after you leave this place".  It was... out of the 80's.
  • Really good grub at a really good restaurant. (Le Peep)
  • I figured out tethering with my Android phone (OMG, 3G was FAST compared to EVDO, my previous tether)
Lunch adventures: 
This one is long and convoluted.  To tell it in less than its full detail would be... minimizing.  So, i'll give a teaser instead: 
  • 7 families in 7 cars
  • 3 with GPS's (at least)
  • Several with smartphones
  • 1 Lunch destination at a local's suggestion
Sounds simple?
I think not: 
  • 3 U-turns
  • Several roundabouts
  • One parent dropped out because they couldn't do the U-turn.  They went back to the field. 
  • One parent deviated left due to the mirage of a drug store
  • 4 arrived at the destination. The destination was too expensive
  • Re-rendezvous at restaurant across the street
  • Several mutineers in search of Shakes go on their own adventure
  • Ending up with 2 boys, and 2 dads, in a multiracial mix-up. "I'll take that white kid over there, and this guy will claim the homeless black kid"
  • "Well, son, she's quite cute, i might have to tackle her and hold her down for you until you're ready" (much head craning of the teenagers)
Life was interesting.  And quite good. 


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