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bummed & excited
Bummed: The fencing product from has not yet arrived. I sent them a "Hey, Tracking Number Please?" email last night.. i was a little concerned that my first email to them bounced with "domain not found", but the second email seemed to go through okay.

Bummed + Excited: I put an ad for my truck up on zipply classifieds on the 'net, just to see if anybody would bite. And this dude from UK who'se currently in Amsterdam is interested. !#$!#$!? Then I went and checked how much I had left on the loan, and it was more than I expected. If the sale should go through, it will be a complex one. Why get rid of the truck? because i have more often needed to haul people than stuff; i'd rather have a 4-door hatchback with good gas mileage. If I have to stay with the truck for another 12-18 months, that would be okay as well. My dream car would be a Hybrid Subaru Legacy, which there isn't one of yet.

Excited: I took a look at my finances with a different eye. Turns out, i've been living paycheck to paycheck, as in, I DID NOT TRUST that I would get anymore paychecks -- thus all things that I wanted to buy, I had to buy NOW. (for others, they would be prompted to save the money, but no, I buy stuff). My guess is, I learned this from my father's actions. I looked at my finances in a different way and started planning where the leftovers from each paycheck were going to go... made a list, checked it twice, and decided how I was going to be naughty and nice. The result is: Infocus X1 projector in August! Wooot! AND a new roof next summer.

Bummed: I signed up for some conferences that I ... well, if I wasn't a GR, i wouldn't go to one of them, and the other one.. its just expensive. Hotel rooms and such. I don't like sharing my room neither. But... its good for me, and I'm always glad when I do. June and July. I'd much rather spend that money on an INFOCUS X1 PROJECTOR. *heh*

Bummed: No GF. *standard whine* When I go out of town is when I really feel it.. especially in those rooms with two beds. I have fond memories of being female-partnered, it made travelling a WHOLE lot more fun. Yah, well... some day, maybe. Not my deal anymore. If I have to be single forever, i'll make the best of it, and I'm already making the best of it.

ObligWhine: ... here I am thinking about GF's, and many of my friends are married and raising kids. Talk about "out-of-place". Then again, their lives are not better -- just "different". More chaotic, more squished, less alone time, and softer. Question is, am I doing the best I can with the life I have got, in a way that sits well with my soul? The answer to that is, Yes. So, good enough, MOVE ON.

Whatever: new thing to do at work today, a slight break from crunching excel spreadsheet numbers.

Excited: Regardless of if we put up the fence or not, tomorrow is a nice day. I might be able to lay some primer down on the garage, and start my painting experiment. Maybe even scrape some windows up. Woo hoo! Also wanna get a birdfeeder, now that I've found somebody who knows about birdfeeders.

Excited: I get to do laundry soon! I dunno why, but it excites me. Something about warm clothes coming out of the dryer, and SLOWING DOWN enough to enjoy the experience.

Excited: I get to say "Aardvark!" in my head all day, and nobody needs to know.

Okay. I'm back to goofy silly. Love to all, L8r


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