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locking bank accountants in conference rooms with soccer balls
*laugh* while trying to log in to bank account on the slow laptop, i locked the account out. Frickin' expiring passwords + not being able to remember the 2ndary password off the cuff. I'll have to sit tight till I can call them and unlock it.. I was just curious to see how much $ our last paycheck brought the account up to before xdrawals took it down.

Today was a good day. I got quality time spent coding at work.. not done with the app yet, but damn i want to get it done before Monday, so I can concentrate on the new project.

Then, i got to spend 2 hours downtime in a empty conference room, with only myself and a journal and NO OTHER FRICKIN HUMANS. It was wonderful.

Tomorrow is the start of a wonderful weekend.. lots of soccer action, there's a tournament in town. Q already played his first game, they beat the others 4-0.

life is good.. yawn.. ok bedtime


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