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random thought
As I was walking past Maffit and Smalley's offices at work today, i had a random thought.. that I really really wanted to ask them:

Q: "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood"
A: "as much wood as a wood chuck could chuck were a wood chuck to chuck wood"

Also, been thinking about the riots here in Ames. Sad situation. "Swim upstream".. what are the root causes/forces that were interacting with each other? if one could sit down the rioting student body and ask them: "what are your needs? what were your feelings?" ... ditto the police body.. ditto the media.. ditto the non-rioting student body... ditto the administrators...

For me -- i'm non of the above. My feeling is: sadness. My need is: would like to see an exciting, NON-VIOLENT, community celebration that brings us all closer together rather than further apart.

Sad sad sad so sad.

for the drunken and/or non-drunken rioters.. was the need: "to feel special"? was it: "to have an exciting time?" was it: "to have a place to drink and be merry?" "to vent frustration?"

for the police, it seems pretty straightforward. the need could have been "to prevent damage to businesses". it could also have been "to prove to the world that we can maintain control". it could have been "to do what we thought was our job". it could have been "to vent frustration."

Anyhoo. If/when I get a chance, i'm going to collect what video i can off the internet, plus some choice articles like this blog (See also the next post for some cool pictures), and burn 'em to a DVD for future progeny.


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