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Family Update: a good weekend.
Hey.. before memory of the weekend fades away, just to bring various folks up to speed as to what we've been up to.. (hi Mom!)

Also, i'm going to stop using psuedonyms ... if that gives anybody a problem, please let me know and i'll edit back to psuedonyms.

- had a buddy over friday night (Josh, who lives across the street. Good kid.)
- ended up at soccer fields to watch cousin Macki play a game (which we missed)
- had fun with his dad (went to visit his Grandma Lorna & played some B-Ball outside)
- had fun at small groups (got elbowed in the eye?)
- drug against his will to home depot to pick up a weedwhacker

- guildwars mission. Didn't succeed. Was fun i hope? reporting on behalf of her.

- played some Supreme Commander (downloaded the demo.. I can't even get past level 1 :) but I'm having fun trying)

- cool class on "boundaries in relationships" on Saturday morning
- lots of good talking about what our vision for our marriage is, and what pieces do/do not fit in with that
- got praised by friends of ours who complimented us on how we're going about our partnership *score* *cachink* nice to know we're on a good track
- Fun at church together
- fun grocery shopping at Whole Foods together
- found an AMAZING furniture store that has almost everything we want for dressers and dining room tables
- fun doing yardwork together
- hanging with the Franklins for a bit
- snooped around Chad's new car. (from bible study class)
- plan put together on where we're going with the basement and stuff.
- went to a meeting together Saturday night, it was a good one (on loving ourselves, and dealing with anger).

- I made him some cheerios for dinner
- I got to wake him up Sunday morning. We had a good time... he smiled. :) He's letting me in! I'm letting him in! I love that kid.

So.. yeah, good weekend!

This morning, LG&E stopped by and hooked up our gas line.
We have plans for the basement...
And Audrey is burying the St Joseph statue in the yard at the iowa house, so that should sell almost immediately.

... with the positive cash flow from the sale of the iowa house, combined with the 1 year interest-only loan on the current house, we are going to knock out a bunch of the setting-up-the-house projects this year.

love y'all


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