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Tanktop guy
Today I have been tanktop guy. (not wifebeater!!! just tanktop).

1500 lbs of gravel spread over driveway.. 250 lbs to go...
mulching yet to go
moving heavy shit around
pulling metal fencing posts out of the ground

yeah, its been a muscle day.

The gravel was quite amazing. There's a quarry on riverside road, 1 ton of gravel = $13, if you bring your own pickup truck. 1 ton = 2000 lbs (i alwasy thought it was 1000, but apparently that's a "metric" ton? So, no wonder my pickup truck is a half-ton pickup, it can hold 1000 lbs... it was sagging pretty low with the gravel)

I hope to be done with the outside stuff today, and the inside stuff tomorrow, and then GO HOME.


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