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Picture Update
Howdy folks. Life is going pretty good here at Vida Sunshine... have a small backlog of pictures, and my brain is tired of coding, so now's as good a time as any to commit some of these to the great archive in the sky...

Meet Quinn and his friend Forest. They had an opportunity to show off their talents on a diving board... I took many more than these, these were the three most complete -- many of the others missed on the splash part.

Forest's family has a computer, and they've been having some problems with it. So, the standard deal applied: Will Work for Food. They invited us up to their place for a wonderful dinner of Linguini and Clam Sauce...

On the way up there, though, we passed a frightful sight:
Limo Wreck

A Limo had gotten stuck on the tracks, and hey, a train plowed into it. This is the Limo after being dragged probably 500 feet or more.. destroying power boxes and signs along the way. It made the local news; nobody was hurt.
Q's reaction: "Wow, that's COOL!"
M's reaction: "I hope nobody died"
My reaction: "!!!!!!!"
Lots of bystanders looking on... that's probably what I noticed the most.

At Forest's place, we were greeted by a young lady Jess, who had drawn the menu on their porch door:
Jess S.
The food was excellent, the computer was fixed (still had modem dial things setup even though was on broadband), and a parrot sat on Molly's hand:
Molly and a Bird
It bit her twice.

Sometime around here, I got to attend a testing at my TKD school. It went pretty well.. the school focuses less on going up and down the floor with techniques, instead looks more at forms and history and philosophy.. which is a change for me, but I'm okay with it. The guy standing is the head instructor (Master Remey).
TKD Testing TKD Testing

Quinn just tried out for a U12 Soccer Team .. under a coach Andrew. It was a fun time.. he had them do all kinds of drills going up and down the field.. as well as some tactics, stuff like that. All the kids who tried out made the team... one of the kids got a bloody nose. Lots of blood all over the place.
Soccer Tryouts Soccer Tryouts
Side note: the bloody nose hit Quinn later that night. Gushes and Gushes. Also, the movie Click was VERY good.

And as far as Soccer goes.. as I don't have cable at my appartment, i've been walking next door to Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill. At the US vs Ghana game, I was gifted with the appearance of TRUE FANS -- dressed up with face paint and everything.
World Cup US Fans
Unfortunately, we lost. *pout* .. but much fun was had in the process.

Other stuff I could talk about, that's not picture-related... I could go into my struggles to secure Health Insurance, my bloodwork tests, changes in diet, work stuff, and a whole bunch more. *sad* its kinda heavy, though, so not going to do that right now. I can say that all the things are working out for the best...
- I'm enabling COBRA health coverage retroactively so I do not have a lapse in coverage.
- I'm taking my diet much more seriously. I have to get some numbers down before I can apply for further health insurance to avoid crazy premiums.
- My work is going well, the working at night thing suits me well
- A possible arrangement agreed upon that reduces my mortgage load for a few months, while keeping the house up for sale.

Looking forward:
- Got a family vacation to some place called Kee-Yo-Wah in South Carolina .. leaving this Thursday. Should be fun. Scrambling to get work stuff done before I leave.
- I am going to Seattle, WA to see my friend livingdeadpan get married in July!

That's about it. Enjoy, God Bless, etc.

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How many bedrooms is your house that's for sale? :)

2 bedrooms, 1 Bath.

Used to be 3 bedrooms, but they converted one of the rooms into a dining room.

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