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Moving to KY...
With the sale of my house in Iowa... as soon as that contract is signed... I hereby consider myself relocated to KY.  This means little things like:
  • Deleting bookmark for movie theaters in Ames.
  • Getting KY plates for the vehicle
  • Most likely changing my number down to a KY number for my mobile phone. Although, i might wait to do that for the moment, as a i have a landline there already.
  • Taxes! Taxes! I'm going to get to do a split Iowa/KY tax thing this coming up year. Additionally complicated due to contract work. Its a complication I gladly accept.
  • Notifying people of my new address. Because I know I'll be moving again in KY when my lease runs out, I believe I'm going to get myself a mailbox, and change all addresses to the mailbox.

In other news -- well, no real other news, I guess. I got laundry fully charged up; and I slept 13 hours between last evening and this morning. I think my emotional bond to Iowa is pretty much dissolved. This isn't my house anymore, its A's (pending offertobuy contract signed), and with that, I WANT OUT OF HERE. I want to go back home to my honey and all the interesting life that is down there for me. (love you, boogie.)

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I am looking forward to you coming back too!

Good luck in KY. Weirdly enough, my brother just left Chicago for the are near Covington. He bought a house there, and it renovating it as we speak.. (er Type...) He's then probably going to buy my uncle's pet food supply store off of him, and run it. Seems like for some people, their destiny lays in KY. (And I have to admit, the rolling hills in the eastern part of the state are gorgeous.)

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