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The 15 minute charger works pretty nicely! ... my camera is with batteries again.

I started taking pictures every time I stopped.. something to do to make the drive interesting.    And to honor the drive.  Maybe you've been some of these places?  (note: Times are accurate relative to each other, but not sure what timezone etc).

#1 -- didn't take a picture of it.  It was a Marathon gas station just north of Louisville. 

#2 -- 1:28pm -- Waynestown Restarea, IN.  Nothing in particular stuck out at me here.

#3 -- 2:40pm -- Dalesburg or Danburg Illinois(?).. Got Gas at the Maratho, ate athe Burger King (in the picture).  I noticed that the gas station attendant was behind one of those lockdown things.. it seemed to be a "rougher town" or "rougher neighborhood".

#4 -- 4:40pm -- The Farmland Restarea in Illinois(?) This is a favorite stop of mine -- Mom and Dad and I had lunch here when we were driving them out to WV, I stopped on the way down to Louisville, and now again!  .... got Coffee.  Also napped for probably an hour.     This restarea is arranged in this neat triangle shape thing. 

#5 -- 6:30pm -- Krisdala Baka Rest Area in Illinois.  Voted cleanest Rest area ... and it was very clean and very nice.   The name comes from Swedish, it means the "Hills of Krisdala", which is what the settlers were reminded of when they got here.  Later, after the marshes got drained.. places got renamed and Krisdala went away.. but the rest area keeps the name.   Its getting close to Bettendorf .. by Gailesburg.   

#6 -- 8:50pm -- Near Amana colonies.   Almost ran out of gas! forgot to look down.. red light and everything.. 9 miles later, got here.  The Gas station had a problem with sewage backing up, so couldn't use the restrooms there.. the lady was most apologetic.   Went across the street, for dinner at the Family Resturant.  Burger and Mashed Potatoes.  Finished with  Banana Cream Pie!   A very good stop.  Cutest little kids there in that restaurant.

#7 -- 10:20pm -- Unnamed Restarea just west of Newton, East of Des Moines.   Wierd guy, dressed with only a T-Shirt, freezing his ass off smoking a ciggy.   Lots of neat pictures... I especially liked this one of Des Moines which showed all the suburbs, and this quilt.

And then I got to my Ames house!  And Scott and Audrey were there... and..
its different.  I might post more piccies if I take 'em.  

Tonight I went to practise at my first school, Ames Park and Rec TKD.   It was fun!  That school has a lot of compassion and heart.   And i'm realizing.. every school is its own entity.  I was making a mistake/notquiteright/NQR when I assumed that all the schools were hooked in as a whole.. my green belt from AP&R has no meaning outside of AP&R because each school is its own system and focuses on different aspects of training in different amounts.  So, like at AP&R, the focus is on the tenets, and on having fun, as well as some technique.    At Elite, which is where I might be going, its also on having fun, not as much on tenets (not TKD, so no tenets), and also on technique.  At Hwangs, definitely technique, and definitely tenets, but not sure about having fun (yet).

ooo 20 minutes till family meetin' i think *is excited*


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