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This is a picture of the division between Borders and Best Buy. I took it while waiting for my friend A to come to BB so I could help her purchase some computer oddities for this project she's working on...

It was just another one of many 1-on-1 goodbyes that have been happening. *heavy heart*

I made little business cards with my contact info and the URL of this blog.. so i hope that some folks will check it out and maybe keep aware of me through it. Even more, it would be so awesome if they started blogging too.. *grin*

Okay. I'm attempting to be controlling here. I had better just accept the love presented to me and bask in it. And know that if I ever need to fall back to this place.. it will be here for me.

I mean, Ames, not Best Buy. :)

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That's a great pic, awesome color and composition.

It's tough to say good bye, isn't it? Before we moved here, I had to go to every place in my old home town that I'd ever been and say farewell to it. I still miss Omaha but I'm glad I moved.

I'd say goodbye but I hardly ever see you in real life and since you're going to keep your blog, I'll just say that I hope the moving is as easy as possible and that I'll "see" you around!

I still miss California. I just try not to think about it. You have all kinds of reasons to visit Ames/IA if you miss it. I think everything will go great for you!

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