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Test Drive with Cats
I just got done taking the cats out for a test drive, without tranquilizers, letting them out of their carriers.

Whiskey, oddly enough, settled down. Once I showed her her safe carrier door, she went in there and stayed there, even with the door open.

Samantha, being more high strung, did not. She kept walking around the car, pacing, pacing. She didn't care where she went. Claws full out, across the back of my nect, etc. Very very nervous. Kept getting more nervous.

So, i got back home, and I guided Sam back into her carrier, locked the carriers, took them out, and released them back into the kitchen.

My guess is: i'm going to go tranqs. I've tried it, the driving with cats in the cab thing -- not working well enough for me to go that route. I am however grateful that when the car stops, and the engine turns off, Sam lets me guide her back into her carrier, and doesn't run away from me etc.

On a personal note... i am so totally twitching. I absolutely need to get more packing done, yet, i've been unable to motivate myself to do it, i'm like in this emotional hole or something. I cried a lot today.. was at T's place for lunch, she made a whole spread to give me a gowing away party, and a lot of recovery friends showed up.. and, yeah, i cried. These people have been my home, they are where and whom I "grew up" with.

So, all stuffed full of food, got back home, and went to sleep. Didn't make it to TKD at 6pm to day goodbye.. i suppose I said goodbye once already. *sad*. can't take it anymore. I'm going into my shell, and I'm not coming out till tomorrow.

And while i'm in my shell, I'm PACKING. yeah. Not too much left, just gotta do it.


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